Precertification, Authorization for Care and Referrals

Katmai Oncology Group, LLC (KOG), has established arrangements or contracts with several different types of health care insurers. Health care insurers may require a pre-certification, prior authorization for treatment or referral for services within the KOG practice, as well as, when ordered by the KOG providers outside of the practice. To assist patients with obtaining the required pre-certification, prior authorization or referral, the KOG Billing Team will provide a copy of your individual treatment order to your health care insurer. It is your responsibility to ensure that pre-certification, prior authorization or referral is issued, prior to healthcare delivery. 

Examples of Services which may require pre-certification within the KOG practice include but are not limited to: Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Injections, Medication provided by the Pharmacy, and some Laboratory services such as CBC, CMP. LDH, Magnesium, and Reticulocyte count. 

Examples of Services ordered by KOG providers as part of your treatment plan and provided outside of the KOG practice, include but are not limited to: Inpatient and outpatient services at the hospital, biopsy or surgical procedures, CT, MRI, PET Scans, Colonoscopies and Genetic Testing or Advanced Pathology. 

Price Estimates for Services Provided at Katmai Oncology Group

All fees for medical services provided at KOG can be estimated, based on a plan of care, ordered by your KOG Physicians. To request a cost estimate of patient liability, please contact our billing partners Oncology Convergence, Inc. The staff at Oncology Convergence, Inc. has access to your plan of care and will supply an estimate based on your current insurance benefits and the contract allowable. (Please contact the outside medical service provider directly, regarding costs for services provided outside of KOG) 

Oncology Convergence Inc., Billing Office Phone: 888-752-4554  

Email: counselors@oncologyconvergence.com  

Payment Policy

Co-payments and Deductible Allocations will be collected by the front office staff at the time of service. We accept Cash, Check, Visa, and MasterCard.  

All fees for medical services provided by the Katmai Oncology Group are the responsibility of the patient or responsible party. If our physician is contracted with the patient's insurance carrier, Katmai Oncology Group will file claims with the patient’s insurance on behalf of the patient. The responsible party is obligated to reimburse any amount deemed patient responsibility; deductible, coinsurance, or non-covered by insurance and will be billed accordingly.

Payment is expected in full at the onset of treatment, following the receipt of a cost estimate or receipt of a patient billing statement, unless payment arrangements are made with our billing office. You may pay your bill online, by mail or in person.

Online Payments

To pay your bill online, please visit Payment Portal

Our Philosophy:

  • We don’t just treat your cancer, we work as a team to provide a seamless continuum of care to make cancer treatment and recovery effective, convenient and accommodating – one patient at a time. Dr. Shannon Smiley