Chemotherapy is a cancer therapy that works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which grow and divide quickly. Targeted therapy works in a more directed, targeted way to attack and kill specific cancer cells based on their genetic or cellular features.

Katmai Oncology Group’s oncologists create cancer treatment plans that may include chemotherapy and/or targeted therapy. These plans are always unique to each patient.

Our physician-owned practice offers on-site infusion therapy in a space that boasts a sweeping view of Anchorage’s Chugach Mountains. It is designed to be a calm and relaxing environment staffed by compassionate and caring staff. 

With high patient/nurse ratio, our oncology certified nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) provide attentive and dedicated care before, during and after patient treatment. 

Our Philosophy:

  • We don’t just treat your cancer, we work as a team to provide a seamless continuum of care to make cancer treatment and recovery effective, convenient and accommodating – one patient at a time. Dr. Shannon Smiley