When Do I
Call the Clinic?

Please call the clinic at 907-562-0321 immediately if at any time you are experiencing any of the following symptoms::

A temperature higher than 100.4°F, or shaking chills.

Any unusual bruising or bleeding (bleeding gums, nosebleed that persists longer than 5 minutes, blood in the urine or stool).

Any pain or pus around an infusion site.

Severe diarrhea (4 or more watery bowel movements per day for more than three days or more than five times in any one day).

Severe constipation - no bowel movement for three days.

Vomiting for more than 24 hours after your treatment or any nausea and vomiting uncontrolled by anti-nausea medication.

Symptoms of dehydration such as feeling faint, light-headed, or dizzy.

Any changes in your skin, especially rash or potentially allergic skin reactions.
Uncontrolled pain despite using pain medication.

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